ICDAR 2013 - Gender Identification Competition Dataset (GenderIdentifify2013)

Research Tasks

Gender identification using all documents

2015-01-25 (v. 1)

Contact author

Abdelaali Hassaine

Qatar University




In this task, one can include all the 4 documents of the writer for training purposes, this is the only task considered in the competition.

Researchers can also consider the following sub-tasks:

  • Gender identification using Arabic handwriting documents only.
  • Gender identification using English handwritings only.
  • Text-dependent gender identification.
  • Text-independent gender identification.


The evaluation metric used in the competition is the LogLoss metric. This evaluation requires the methods to output a probability value that each writer is male.

Other evaluation metrics can also be used including the Area Under the ROC Curve (AUC) as well as the recognition accuracy.


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