TUAT Nakagawa Lab. HANDS - Vietnamese Online Handwriting Database (HANDS-VNOnDB)

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Writer Independent Handwritten Text Recognition

2016-11-25 (v. 1)

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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology





To evaluate fairly all the recognition methods on VNOnDB to each other in a quite acceptable way, we propose to use the below settings. (VNOnDB-task1 in short)

  • VNOnDB is divided into 3 subsets, a training set, a validation set and a test set.
    • The training set is used for training the recognizer.
    • The validation set is used for early stopping or optimizing some hyper-parameters.
    • The test set must be left unseen until the final test is performed.
  • Please use all letters, symbols and marks in file VNOnDB_labels.txt. Note that, all characters in this file are written in Unicode (UTF-8).
  • For evaluating the recognition results, a paragraph is correctly recognized if and only if all characters of that paragraph are recognized correctly with the distinction of upper case/lower case.
  • For checking the transcription of handwritten patterns, please refer to the ground-truth parts in each InkML file.

You should report all the changes to the data/task you have made in your experiments when you publish. If your recognizer uses a language model, please refer to the corpus on which this model has been trained.



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