The Street View Text Dataset (SVT)

Ground Truth

Harvest images

2014-01-14 (v. 2)

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Kai Wang

Department of Comp. Sci. and Engr. University of California, San Diego




Workers are assigned a unique city and are requested to acquire 20 images that contain text from Google Street view. They were instructed to: (1) perform a Search Nearby:* on their city, (2) examine the businesses in the search results, and (3) look at the associated street view for images containing text from the business name. If words are found, they compose the scene to minimize skew, save a screen shot, and record the business name and address.


sunnycia 03-05-2017 03:47
how to access this dataset?
mhliao 06-18-2017 10:39
How to download the dataset?
shiki-ma 11-23-2017 09:32

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