Competition on HArvesting Raw Tables (CHART) 2019-Synthetic (CHART2019-S)

2019-05-29 (v. 1)

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Christopher Tensmeyer

Adobe Research



You can cite this dataset as: Christopher Tensmeyer, Competition on HArvesting Raw Tables (CHART) 2019-Synthetic (CHART2019-S) ,1,ID:CHART2019-S_1,URL:

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Chart, Synthetic


This is a dataset of chart images created from real data sources using matplotlib.  There are 4 basic types of charts: Bar, Line, Scatter, Box.  There are several tasks associated with this dataset including:

1) Chart Classification

2) Text Detection and Recognition

3) Text Role Classification

4) Axis Analysis

5) Legend Analysis

6a) Plot Element Detection and Classification

6b) Data Extraction

These tasks form a pipeline to recover the data used to generate the chart.

Task Pipeline






Later tasks take as input the ideal output of the previous tasks.

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