Film Videos Dataset (FiViD)

2020-06-06 (v. 1)

Contact author

Hossam Elshahaby

Cairo University


+20 111 654 22 55

+20 111 654 22 55

You can cite this dataset as: Hossam Elshahaby, Film Videos Dataset (FiViD) ,1,ID:FiViD_1,URL:

Dataset Information


Movie, Subtitles, Text, graphical


This dataset contains images with and without text extracted from integrated arabic subtitles in movies.

The target task is classification of text versus non-text images.

The dataset is composed of 4 archives/folders:

  • a train set for text images: 25496 items
  • a train set for non-text images: 34760 items
  • a test set for text images: 5805
  • a test set for non-text images: 8052

Images are all in 200 * 40 pixels format, and are extracted from lower parts of image that contain the film subtitle.

All images are in TIF format.

Below are two samples of original images the dataset images were extracted from, and a sample dataset image.

Non-text original image

Text original image


Sample dataset image (with subtitle text)


Non_Text Training Dataset.7zdata(79 MB)10200 * 40 - pixel non-text Training images
Text Training Dataset.7zdata(58 MB)12200 * 40 - pixel text Training images
Non_Text Testing Dataset.7zdata(22 MB)7200 * 40 - pixel non-text Testing images
Text Testing Dataset.7zdata(13 MB)9200 * 40 - pixel text Training images
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