Handwritten Hebrew Gender Dataset (HHD_gender)

2021-04-30 (v. 1)

Contact author

Irina Rabaev

Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Beer Sheva, Israel



You can cite this dataset as: Irina Rabaev, Handwritten Hebrew Gender Dataset (HHD_gender) ,1,ID:HHD_gender_1,URL:https://tc11.cvc.uab.es/datasets/HHD_gender_1

Dataset Information


Hebrew, handwritten, gender


The HHD_gender dataset contains 819 handwritten forms written by volunteers of 
different educational backgrounds and ages (as young as 11 years old and as old as late
60s), both native and non-native Hebrew speakers. 
There are 50 variations of the forms; each form contains a text paragraph with
62 words on average.
For the experiments, the HHD gender dataset was randomly subdivided into training (80%), validation (10%), and test
(10%) sets.
This database may be used for non-commercial research purpose only. 
If you publish material based on this database, we request you to include a reference to the following papers:
[1] I. Rabaev, B. Kurar Barakat, A. Churkin and J. El-Sana. The HHD Dataset. 
    The 17th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, pp. 228-233, 2020,
    DOI: 10.1109/ICFHR2020.2020.00050


[2] I. Rabaev, M. Litvak, S. Asulin and O.H. Tabibi. Automatic Gender Classification from Handwritten Images: a Case Study, 2021.

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