Thai Student Signature and Name Components Datasets (TSSNCDs) (ICFHR2018_TSSNCDs)

2018-01-23 (v. 1)

Contact author

Hemmaphan Suwanwiwat

James Cook University

+61 7 4232 1255

You can cite this dataset as: Hemmaphan Suwanwiwat , Thai Student Signature and Name Components Datasets (TSSNCDs) (ICFHR2018_TSSNCDs) ,1,ID:ICFHR2018_TSSNCDs_1,URL:

Dataset Information


Thai student handwritten name components; Thai signatures


There are 5,400 Thai signatures in this dataset, 3,000 (from 100 signers) are genuine signatures, for each genuine signature, there are 1,200 skillfully forged and 1,200 simple forged signatures.

There are 8,400 name components (first and last names) from 100 students in this dataset. There are 6,000 genuine name components and 2,400 (100 students × 2 name components × 12 times) skilfully forged name components. 


Technical Details

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