ImageCLEF 2016 Handwritten Scanned Document Retrieval Task (IMAGECLEF16-HSDR)

2019-06-25 (v. 1)

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Mauricio Villegas

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

+34 96 387 81 70

You can cite this dataset as: Mauricio Villegas, ImageCLEF 2016 Handwritten Scanned Document Retrieval Task (IMAGECLEF16-HSDR) ,1,ID:IMAGECLEF16-HSDR_1,URL:

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Text retrieval, Handwritten documents, Broken words


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Dataset compiled for the ImageCLEF 2016 Handwritten Scanned Document Retrieval challenge. It is derived from a subset of pages from unpublished manuscripts written by the philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham, that have been digitised and transcribed under the Transcribe Bentham project [Causer 2012]. More details about the dataset and the challenge are found in the overview paper at the slides of the overview presentation at or the evaluation web page

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Villegas, Mauricio, Puigcerver, Joan, & Toselli, Alejandro H. (2016). ImageCLEF 2016 Bentham Handwritten Retrieval Dataset [Data set]. Zenodo.

[Causer 2012] T. Causer and V. Wallace, Building a Volunteer Community: Results and Findings from Transcribe Bentham, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Vol. 6 (2012),


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