Online Handwritten Flowchart Dataset (OHFCD)

2018-06-20 (v. 1)

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University of Nantes / LS2N

+33 2-40-68-30-82


You can cite this dataset as: Mouchère, Online Handwritten Flowchart Dataset (OHFCD) ,1,ID:OHFCD_1,URL:

Dataset Information


Online Handwritten Flowchart


The dataset contains 419 handwritten flowcharts using the inkML standard format.
35 writers have contributed. The train set (248 samples) contains 14 different patterns and the test set (171 samples) uses 14 other flowchart patterns.


Technical Details

The ink traces and the ground-truth are stored using inkML standard format.

DRR11Sketch_final_newresults_2.pdfarticle(243 KB)113Ahmad-Montaser Awal, Guihuan Feng, Harold Mouchère, Christian Viard-Gaudin. First Experiments on a new Online Handwritten Flowchart Database. Document Recognition and Retrieval XVIII, Jan 2011, San Fransisco, United States. pp.7874 - 78740A, 2011, 〈10.1117/12.876624〉
FCinkML.zipdata(5 MB)163
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