The Pinkas Dataset (Pinkas)

2019-12-10 (v. 1)

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Irina Rabaev

Software Engineering Department, Shamoon College of Engineeringת Israel


You can cite this dataset as: Irina Rabaev, The Pinkas Dataset (Pinkas) ,1,ID:Pinkas_1,URL:

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Historical documents, Hebrew, word spotting, text line extraction, layout analysis


Pinkas dataset is created from a historical Hebrew manuscript that contains records of Jewish communities in Europe in the early modern period (c. 1500-1800). The dataset consists of 30 pages digitized by full color digital images in JPG format with high resolution. The pages  exhibit numerous degradations, complex layout and different handwritings. They are written in a mixture of Medieval Hebrew by different writers. The writers were not professional scribes. This adds additional challenge, since very often the same letters are written in different shapes.

The ground truth is available in PAGE format . Each page is labeled at word, line and page levels.

An official train and test set partition is defined and three word spotting methods are used to set the baselines [1].



[1] B.Kurar, I. Rabaev, and J. El-Sana The Pinkas Dataset. B.Kurar, I. Rabaev, and J. El-Sana. The Pinkas Dataset. In the 15th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), pp. 732 - 737, 2019. (PDF)

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