Sentence writing test of Parkinson's disease patients and corresponding group of Healthy Control subjects (SWT_PDvsHC_EST)

2020-11-26 (v. 1)

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Sven Nomm

Tallinn University of Technology



You can cite this dataset as: Sven Nomm, Sentence writing test of Parkinson's disease patients and corresponding group of Healthy Control subjects (SWT_PDvsHC_EST) ,1,ID:SWT_PDvsHC_EST_1,URL:

Dataset Information


Sentence writing test, Parkinson's disease, diagnostics, machine learning.


The proposed dataset contains thirty-five files representing sentence writing tests performed by fourteen patients with confirmed Parkinson's disease and similar by age and gender distribution group of healthy control individuals. Mean age is 68 years old. The tests were conducted in Estonia, the native language of all the subjects and patients is Estonian. All the data acquisition, anonymisation and processing were performed in strict accordance with the corresponding laws and permission of the ethics committee of the University of Tartu.
Tested individuals were asked to write the sentence 'Kui Arno isaga koolimajja jõudsid, olid tunnid juba alanud.' which means "When Arno with his father arrived at the school lessons has already started.' The sentence is the first sentence of the book by O.Luts "Spring" and usually learned during the early years of school education.
During the test, participants were comfortably seated in front of the table and asked to write this sentence on the screen of iPad pro version 2016 9.7" with Apple Pen.  

Technical Details

If a filename starts with "KT" it was generated by healthy control individual and "PD" indicates that the subject has confirmed Parkinson's disease diagnosis. 
# following constants describe screen resolution in pixels and conversion from pixels to mm
  screen_x_max = 1024
  screen_y_max = 768
  x_mm2pix = 5.17
  y_mm2pix = 5.15
#test data frame contains the following columns:
  # 'a' and 'l' are azimuth and latitude describe the orientation of the Apple pen in relation to the iPad screen
  # 'x' and 'y' are the coordinates of the Apple pen tip in relation to the iPad screen. Origin is positioned 
  # at the top left corner. Axis 'y' directed towards the lower-left corner and axis 'x' towards the upper top right
  # 'p' is the pressure applied to the screen of iPad by Apple pen. Please consult Apple manuals for the units
  # 't' is the timestamp in sec/1000
example of the python code to read and depict the contents of the files is provided.

sentence_writing_test_PD_vs_HC_estonian_and_sample_python_code.zipdata(3 MB)25The present archive contains two folders. One with the data files and the other with the sample python code to read the data from files.
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