Terms and Conditions

Registering into the IAPR TC11 dataset platform is free but mandatory to submit some material, to avoid abuse.

Anyone can add an entry pointing to external resources, but when uploading some material you have to make sure you have the rights (copy and distribution rights) to do so. In doubt, please contact your local manager and/or legal advisor.

By submitting material which will be hosted by the IAPR TC11 dataset platform, you certify that you 1) have the rights to publish and distribute such material, and 2) you grant us (IAPR TC11) the right to distribute this material for an unlimited amount of time. You also grant us the right to make backup copies on private storage.

If you want to take offline some material that you published on the IAPR TC11 dataset platform, you can: 1) log in to the platform and revise your dataset, 2) contact us using information provided in the "Contact" page.

This platform is managed by volunteers, in an effort to promote open research and science, and improve evaluation rigor and reproducibility in the field of Document Analysis and Recognition. The IAPR TC11 is a non-profit organization and makes no benefit from running and maintaining this platform.