Europeana API

Europeana Foundation


The Europeana network represents more than 2,500 cultural heritage organisations and is the principal point of reference for digitised European culture. Europeana offers open access to over 32 million records, a large percentage of which are document images originating from various memory institutions including national librarys and archives. In many cases it offers links to high resolution scans of such documents.

The Europeana APIs allow you to search and retrieve the contents of our database for use in your own applications.

We currently offer two APIs for use. The first is a REST-API that is suited for dynamic search and retrieval of our data. This API offers exactly the same data as the Europeana Portal for end-users and in many ways the Portal can be viewed as an advanced API-implementation.

The second API is more experimental and supports download of complete datasets and advanced semantic search and retrieval of our data via the SPARQL query language. The Linked Open Data Downloads and SPARQL-endpoint currently includes only a sub-set of all Europeana data, about 20 million of the in-total nearly 31 millions records. We’re working on changing that situation and ensure the Linked Open Data service is always up to date.