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You have to be a registered user to upload a dataset to TC11. If you have not already done so, please register by using the link at the top right of this page.

  1. Once logged on, click  on the button "Upload new dataset..." at the bottom of this page to start a new submission.
  2. During the submission process you will be asked to fill in a form with details about the dataset you want to submit, and upload the dataset files.
    • The size limit for a single file is 2000M. If you need to submit a bigger file, please contact the dataset curator (joseph.chazalon (at) lrde.epita.fr).
    • You can continue filling in the different sections of the form, while files are being uploaded in the background.
    • Mandatory fields in the form are marked with a (*)
    • You can browse through the different sections of the form using the "back" and "next" buttons at the bottom of the form.
    • The current version of your submission is saved when you leave a section. You can choose to continue your submission at a later time by clicking on the name of the submission you want to continue editing. Your open submissions are listed under "Your datasets" at the bottom of this page.
    • The submission is finished when the button "finish" is pressed in the last section of the submission. After clicking finish, you will not be able to edit your submission again.
  3. Once a submission has been received, the dataset curator will be asked to validate it. This usually takes a few days. You might be contacted by the dataset curator during this stage and asked to provide clarifications or any extra information.
  4. Once the dataset is validated by the dataset curator, your submission will be finalised and it will appear in the list of datasets.
  5. You will find all finalised datasets you have submitted in the "Your Datasets" list at the bottom of this page. Editing any of the finalised datasets will create a new version of the dataset that will have to be validated again by the currator and will replace the previous submission. Therefore, only edit a finalised dataset if you want to create a new, updated version of it.

Copyright Note

TC11 provides dataset hosting services as a benefit to the international research community. If it is determined that copyrighted material is improperly included in a dataset submitted to inclusion on their website, the offending material will be immediately removed upon notification by the copyright holder.

By submitting a dataset for inclusion to the TC11 Web site, the author certifies that he/she has the right to publish the dataset and any associated data in the public doma in and the act of doing so does not violate intellectual property rights or copyrights of some third party.

The TCs will provide a service through which the submitted dataset and any associated data will be made public to the Document Analysis community worldwide. In case any legal dispute arises in the future in relation to the publishing of this dataset and associated data in the public domain, the author will hold TC11 free from any wrongdoing and accept responsibility for the publication of these data.

We strongly encourage the authors, where they own the copyrights of the submitted information, to consider offering it to the community under a creative commons license (section 6.2 of the submission form, see Creative Commons for details).

Useful Definitions

Dataset: A collection of data along with metadata information, as required to use these data.

Metadata: Metadata is information specific to a particular dataset. Metadata are usually tightly structured within the dataset itself (e.g. information encoded within the filenames of submitted images). Metadata can only be submitted at the time of submission of the dataset.

Interpretation Specification (Ground Truth Specification): The definition of the required information that accurately describes a particular aspect of the data at a high level where reasonable agreement between different human observers can be established, as well as the definition of an appropriate structure (format) for storing this information.

Interpretation (Ground Truth) Data: A set of data conforming to a particular interpretation specification and relating to a specific dataset.

Task: A well defined process to evaluate algorithms in the context of a specific scientific problem. A task would typically provide a specific evaluation protocol, and link to specific resources as required (a dataset, and usually related Interpretation data).

Resources: Any other type of related resources that are not specifically covered by the above definitions. Examples would include software to browse and visualise a dataset, software to create Interpretation data, algorithms to do performance evaluation, codecs, reports, publications, etc.

Submitted Datasets

Below you can see a list of datasets you have previously submitted. If you have started a submission but not yet completed the processs, click on the name of the dataset to continue editing your submission. If a submission has been already finalised, then clicking on the name of the dataset will create a new version of it. Only do so if you intend to submit new / updated data. If you want to correct a typo or do any other minor change, please contact the dataset curator instead.

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